Kerclink- Addictive Games that Promise Cash

Any Kerclinkers out there?


Kerclink is an app that runs on your desktop while you're on line. You  are rewarded with  "Clinks" as long as the program is running in your  system tray. "Clinks" are  converted to cash at the end of each month.You can also earn clinks by playing online games, or clicking on ads. Periodically, there are special offers that give more rewards. When an offer is available, a small notice pops up. If you  click  on it, a "mini-browser" opens with the most recent games, giveaways, and special offers.  When your cash amount reaches over $10, you are issued a check. You are given an affiliate link that you can email to your friends, so when they win,  you do too.

Our Experience with Kerclink 

Our family has been playing Kerclink Games for about three months now, but I'm still a little puzzled about their rewards program. I've left several messages through their contact us link, and have yet to receive a reply.I think I may have received two checks from them, but I'm not sure.

Here's what I do know:

  1. The Kerclink site is rated "Green" by McAfee.
  2. I haven't received a ton of junk mail from their advertisers
  3. The games are enjoyable and addictive.
  4. The ads are all family friendly.
  5. Kerclink is owned by Midten Media Inc. which also owns: Send More Email & Comic Book Collector.
  6. I've been receiving mysterious checks in the mail from " Access Research". There is nothing on the check that indicates it is from Kerclink and I have left phone messages on their line, without response.  This is the only source I can figure out that may be generating these checks., because the amounts of the checks seem to relate directly to the amount of interaction I've had on the site. (125.00 & 12.00)

I haven't gained any referral "clinks" , so either my link isn't working, or no one has signed up through it.To sign up through my affiliate link  Click HERE (Please let me know when you sign up, so I can see if my affiliate link is working.)

The jury is still out on this one.


competitions said...

There some site which commits you to play and win the competition for a prize.

YrHelper Infonut said...

I'm not quite sure what you are asking, or what you mean.

Hmm.. perhaps you are looking for free online contests rather than games. If this is the case, you might like to check out

While all the contests are open to Canadians , there are also some international contests as well (labeled INT).

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