Kerclink- Addictive Games that Promise Cash

Any Kerclinkers out there?


Kerclink is an app that runs on your desktop while you're on line. You  are rewarded with  "Clinks" as long as the program is running in your  system tray. "Clinks" are  converted to cash at the end of each month.You can also earn clinks by playing online games, or clicking on ads. Periodically, there are special offers that give more rewards. When an offer is available, a small notice pops up. If you  click  on it, a "mini-browser" opens with the most recent games, giveaways, and special offers.  When your cash amount reaches over $10, you are issued a check. You are given an affiliate link that you can email to your friends, so when they win,  you do too.

Our Experience with Kerclink 

Our family has been playing Kerclink Games for about three months now, but I'm still a little puzzled about their rewards program. I've left several messages through their contact us link, and have yet to receive a reply.I think I may have received two checks from them, but I'm not sure.

Here's what I do know:

  1. The Kerclink site is rated "Green" by McAfee.
  2. I haven't received a ton of junk mail from their advertisers
  3. The games are enjoyable and addictive.
  4. The ads are all family friendly.
  5. Kerclink is owned by Midten Media Inc. which also owns: Send More Email & Comic Book Collector.
  6. I've been receiving mysterious checks in the mail from " Access Research". There is nothing on the check that indicates it is from Kerclink and I have left phone messages on their line, without response.  This is the only source I can figure out that may be generating these checks., because the amounts of the checks seem to relate directly to the amount of interaction I've had on the site. (125.00 & 12.00)

I haven't gained any referral "clinks" , so either my link isn't working, or no one has signed up through it.To sign up through my affiliate link  Click HERE (Please let me know when you sign up, so I can see if my affiliate link is working.)

The jury is still out on this one.

3rd request: Skill Addiction -Still no Response re:unequal footing

Dear Sir,
You still have not addressed  my question regarding the unequal footing of your token system.

What I have requested in my blog is:
that Canadians be able to trade tokens for prizes the same as the people from the few select states.

I have acknowledged in my blog that people all over the world win prizes on your game site. What I have written is copied and pasted directly from your terms of service regarding the limitations of the token system.
I understand that by becoming a paid member a person (if they live in one of the few select states) can get prizes faster by trading tokens for prizes. What benefits does a paid membership give people who do not live in those few select states?



2nd Query: Skill Addiction - Unequal footing not Addressed

Dear Mr. Williams.:
Thank you very much for your reply.I wish you had addressed  my question of the unequal footing for your token system. I am still questioning your terms of service  that do not allow  residents of other countries (and many states) to only exchange tokens for game play rather than  cash and prizes as other U.S. citizens are allowed.
There are other companies including some based in the U.S..that allow the exchange of virtual tokens for prizes. In fact, some  run solely on that system. (Swagbucks is one example of an International  system where players exchange tokens for cash and prizes.) As I said before, I think your game system is fantastic, especially for those in member states with with full playing benefits. Let me know if I can be of assistance in helping to remove the "token" barrier that stands between Canadians and the enjoyment of full  playing rights

Hi YrHelperInfonut,

  Unfortunately, a business needs protection as much as the consumers that use that business do, and that is the purpose of a TOS.  As already mentioned, hundreds of people have earned prizes at SA and there have been many Canadians that have done the same in our community.  What you've asked for, on your blog, is that SA relinquish its rights in providing appropriate cash equivalent products to players that are unable to retrieve a prize, which is not help us nor the player.  No benefits have been squandered for any player, in any country, but certain legal restrictions apply to residents of different countries that must be obeyed and our of any business's control.

  Swagbucks is not a skill gaming community and not parallel to SA.  However, the few skill gaming communities out there that you will find, do not offer prize redemption aside from a few and not at nearly the scope, detail, and opportunity that we provide to Everyone, not just members of the US.  Saying that we limit the prizes to only select US residents is just flat out lying.



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