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Games 4 Canada contains reviews of online games available for Canadians to play. This blog was originally started to highlight games which rewarded adult players with real prizes or cash. The popularity of Facebook games and other online games which people play alone or in online communities has grown to immense proportions, so I will now be adding posts about online games which do mot have tangible prizes. In addition, there have been a few queries about board games, Olympic games, traditional games, travel games, and more- seems I have opened a whole kettle of fish! What this blog will not be covering is anything that is not family friendly-other than to point out that it is an "adult" game
If you are curious about a particular game, and would like to know more about it. Please post a question below, and I'll see if we can get an expert from that field to answer you, or at least a player who has a fairly high score.

Guest Bloggers
If you are an avid games player, I would welcome a guest post from you about your field of interest. Please leave a comment below with details about which game you would like to write about. You may have 3 links to posts on your family friendly blog, within the body of your post and a link to your online profile in your byline, as well as your "About the Author" section.Your blog button will also be featured on our "Featured writers" page.Canada is a multi-lingual country, so posts are welcome in any language that my translation widget can handle.

Have fun out there, and keep your stick on the ice!

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