Win Cash & Prizes Playing Games

The following Games pay Canadian winners in cold hard cash (check or PayPal) or prizes. Note:All are free to Play. Sites marked *** Require a deposit to win. Have a favourite that's not listed? Drop me a comment with a link.

P= have Proof Y! = Recommended N = Not ? = Researching

Bingo Cafe (?) (?)

i Won (?)

KERclink (?)

Skill Addiction N = Not

SnapDollars (Pays you to join other games as well) (?)

Winnie Winster (Y)

Chapman's Ice Cream (Y)

Lunchmate City (Y)

Free Lotto (?)

Other ways to Get Cash & Prizes

Search Engines (P)


Contests (P)

Mystery Shopping (P)

Sending for Freebies (P)

Coupons (P)

Search Engines (P)

Sending 4 Freebies

Note: As with anything on the internet, these are just my opinions. Decide for yourself and have fun.


competition said...

Some of websites offering such things are really doing good.But some are not.

YrHelper Infonut said...

@competition Yes that's very true, which sites have you found that are legit in your opinion that are open to Canadians?

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