Play & Win Skill Gaming at Skill Addiction not Recommended outside U.S.A.

Open to Canadians, but not recommended.

Skill Addiction is a Skill Gaming community where you can Play and Win.
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  • Play and win money, gift cards, and many prizes you pay shipping or they substitute a reduced $ prize
  • Earn Skill Tokens faster that can be traded in for great prizes not outside USA
  • Play exclusive games
  • Compete in Cash, Jackpot, and Trophy Tournaments
  • Interact with other gamers in our fun community
  • Eligibility (Non-U.S.)

    To open an account and/or participate in any tournament offered on, you must be at least 18 years old, & assigned to the e-mail address submitted on your account registration form.

    Account Maintenance Fee
    An inactive Cash Player account is any account in which the user has not logged in or played any games (money or free) in six consecutive months. reserves the right to assess a maintenance fee of $1.00 per month, for any inactive Cash Player account. On the fifth month of inactivity will notify account owners of their inactivity and the scheduled maintenance fee via email.

    2.16 Withdrawal Requests
    Users may request a withdrawal of funds from their available account balance at any time. Processing of requested funds back to a credit card or PayPal account may take up to 5 business days.

    Users are required to actively claim any check produced by a request for withdrawal of funds from their account. reserves the right to assess a check request processing fee of $1.00 for any check request less than $10.00. ......Any checks not claimed within thirty (30) days from the date of the check will become void and the amount of the check will then be re-deposited back to your account on

    5.2 (Prize) Substitution
    Players may request from an offer of cash payment in lieu of any prize won, although is under no obligation to grant such request. If elects, in its sole discretion, to offer a cash payment in lieu of any prize won, reserves the right to determine the exact amount of the cash offer, even if such cash offer may be less than the value of the prize. The player may then elect to accept's cash offer, accept the original prize, or decline both and take nothing. also reserves the right to credit the account of a merchandise prize winner with cash (the amount of which is in's sole discretion) in the event the prize remains unclaimed for a certain period of time which shall in no event be less than 30 days.

    If a prize has become suddenly unavailable, if the player is outside the continental U.S. or if there are other difficulties in shipping, has the right, in its sole discretion, to substitute freely the cash equivalent ('s estimated cost to obtain the merchandise prize, and not the manufacturer's suggested retail price) for any merchandise prize. Players cannot return or exchange prizes that have already been sent for game or cash credits.

    5.5 Delivery Time
    Unless otherwise specified, merchandise will ship within 14 days of the date the prize is claimed by the winning player. Costs of shipping are borne by the user, and will be deducted directly from the user's account.

    Boycott this game site

    The SkillAddiction Tokens Program is a loyalty program through which ("Cash Players") can earn ("Skill Tokens")and redeem their them for rewards available at SkillAddiction's Partners.The Tokens Program is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States except for residents from 12 states. Don't play this game as a cash player until this is changed.

    Read all the Terms & Conditions

Play and Win Skill Gaming - Skill Addiction


Digby said...

Hi. I was just looking over their TOS after the issues that you raised, and it doesn't say anything in there about the tokens program being only for residents within the United States. After a little bit more investigating, it appears that there are players from across the globe who are reaping the rewards that came with earning tokens.

Skill Addiction said...

You do understand that these are typical terms and actually necessary. What about the scenario where you request a prize and its not longer available, which is not at all outlandish. You expect that the player should be out of the prize, or would you expect the cash equivalent? ALMOST ALL websites have this legitimate clause in the TOS, it isn't a bad thing. I suggest you re-read what you put up there. Not to mention that you aren't going to find many places where you can even get prizes or cash, where Skill Addiction is providing a great opportunity to do such a thing. If you have more comments, instead of posting negative blogs, why don't you actually reach out to Skill Addiction, which you HAVE NOT done.

(YrHelper) Infonut said...

These TOS were copied directly from Skill Addiction's site on the date of the blog. I'll revisit their site to see if there have been improvements for Canadians to see if things have changed since my initial post. Reading the fine print for you,


(YrHelper) Infonut said...

Just Back from checking Skill Addiction's terms of service.
The following term remains in place section 6.6 Eligible Point Players residing outside of the United States may only redeem their Skill Tokens for SkillAddiction Game Credits. Players residing outside of the United States will be ineligible from redeeming Skill Tokens to purchase merchandise on participating Partner websites.

The only way to contact them,is if you sign up for an account. I signed up and left a comment. We'll see if things change. Lots of fun games, but no free rewards for Canadians.

digby said...

The fact of the matter is that you are just wrong. You are asking for people to not play on a site where they can win prizes and cash, and you're saying that they can't? Hundreds of people have won prizes, both items and cash, and received it just fine. We haven't even charged people for shipping. But, you go to Amazon and buy something, you have to pay for shipping, no? We want to provide the best prizes available for players, at the best possible scenario, so we have the option for charging for shipping. We can just as easily say we pay for shipping, but then, just like any business, we'll have to put that cost into the prize itself, so now it will take players longer to win that prize. Your rationale is illogical. You're overlooking the fact that SA already provides ample opportunity for player to win cash and prizes, above and beyond other websites that merely give people a 'chance' for a prize instead of redemption. You're also overlooking that hundreds of people have already won, including Canadians. You're actually only hurting the players, instead of helping. You're asking SA to increase its token redemption just to make you happy by saying you wont have to pay for shipping, if you even do have too.

(YrHelper) Infonut said...

I am not asking Skill Addiction to increase their token redemption program, just make it open to Canadians.

Yes, people from around the world can win cash & prizes on your site, BUT When you entice people to play as cash players,stating: "Earn Skill Tokens faster that can be traded in for great prizes" you are misrepresenting the token system. The Tokens Program is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States (except for residents from 12 states.)

I enthusiastically endorse this site for those fortunate few who live in states allowed to take advantage of the token exchange program,and yes, others can win cash and prizes at Skill Addiction.

HOWEVER, CANADIANS :BE FOREWARNED joining as a cash player will not allow you to trade tokens for cash & prizes,only game play.

I look forward to a point when I can fully endorse Skill Addiction for Canadians. If an all Canadian Boycott is what's needed to change this policy, then again I state: Don't play this game until Canadians are given equal footing in the token system.

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