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Original question: Why are Canadians not given equal rights as far as the token system is concerned? You have a great game system and I would like to be able to recommend it to Canadians, but cannot do so until there are some changes made to your TOS.

Hi YrHelperInfonut,

Yes, we do have an affiliate setup for select people to get involved with. Please let me know how you would like to advertise Skill Addiction and if you have a website that will be associated with the affiliate campaign. We give the utmost rights to our users as possible, for all countries. At the same time, we must abide by the laws and regulations of the user's host country and sometimes this restricts the rights of an individual in one country vs. an individual in another. For example, certain countries cannot play for cash, and even in our host country, U.S., we cannot allow residents from certain states to play for cash. The same goes for the prizes that we award to our users. Unfortunately, with each countries laws, sometimes we cannot provide a physical prize to a player in a certain country, which is the reason for our TOS labeled as such. However, in most circumstances, we can provide the physical prize and we do. For instance, we have given out hundreds of prizes to residents outisde the U.S.; to include Germany, U.K., Canada, Pakistan, Thailand, and many more. However, in the event that a law does not permit a physical prize, which can be for many reasons (Tax laws, embarg oes, ect), we provide the player with an equivalent prize in cash, which enables them to retrieve a prize of similar value in their host country. For example, a country may impose several tax regulations and as such someone winning a prize may end up having to pay just to retrieve the prize or not be able to retrieve it at all. Sometimes a prize can be sent to another country and then held up in customs for months, or lost, in which case it would have been in everyone's best interest to provide a cash equivalent. What we try to do is provide the best gaming experience for everyone, as possible, and we have many more options for that than almost all other skill gaming communities. With that said, there have been many Canadian players on our site, won prizes, both physical and cash, and have enjoyed the community without a single mishap.

Kind Regards, Ray Williams [Flignats]

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